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Free games and a $170 3DS (Archived)
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Nintendo has announced price cut for 3DS! (Archived)
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Taking advantage of the price drop, how is it not wrong? (Archived)
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Has every free game in the Ambassador's program been listed? (Archived)ZiggiStardust78/4/2011
Nintendos problem isnt hardware, they stopped making killer bongo games Spoof (Archived)VampiricDragon_18/4/2011
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Remind me again why making a console available early is a bad thing? (Archived)HoboStrikeForce48/4/2011
The news is that 3DS flopped and Nintendo is hurting financially. (Archived)l-C-E98/4/2011
The 3DS isn't failing, dying or a flop. It's only been 5 months, for God's sake. (Archived)
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Maybe they should delay Wii U, concentrate on 3ds only for a bit ? (Archived)crazybot98/4/2011
trade in cradit? (Archived)PSO198938/4/2011
If I have a Japanese console, will I be able to use the eShop? (Archived)Swan362438/4/2011
How is Xevious 3D? (Archived)
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3DS lite not coming for a few years at least (Archived)
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3DS Ambassador's should have access to early beta's and early releases (Archived)jokerz_1378/4/2011