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Would you pay more for better cameras? (Archived)MyDogSkip86/16/2010
Looks sexy, I just wish the top screen was bigger (Archived)
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Three 3DS Colors (Archived)
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Geometry Wars in 3D would look amazing (Archived)flat_tyre46/16/2010
So what's your thoughts on the unmatched screen sizes? (Archived)
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Think there'll be a way to hook it up to a TV? (Archived)
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Soif I put a screen protector in the top screen... (Archived)Synchr0nicity76/16/2010
3DS is going to be released in October (Archived)_games_96/16/2010
my only question.. when can I preorder ? (Archived)Keybored12326/16/2010
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****! I've haven't even been this excited for the DS or Wii in 04/06! (Archived)FirePaperMario26/16/2010
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So the 3DS will get DOA(first on a nintendo console) ... (Archived)gcnrulez56/16/2010
Oh pooples! 3DS to be about $300!? (Archived)
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What's the real appeal? (Archived)
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