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Going to be getting a 3DS with a portion of my tax refund... (Archived)
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You should become a member of the Elite Four in the next Pokemon game. (Archived)Bass_X0102/4/2012
In Fire Emblem, what does it mean when an item in the armory is in gray text? (Archived)_Unowninator_32/4/2012
Does the circle pad pro work with splinter cell? (Archived)Tom___D52/4/2012
how do you transfer content from 1 sd card to another (Archived)
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How hard will it be to get one of those pink 3ds going forward ? (Archived)crazybot42/4/2012
February Club Nintendo games are up (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
So which of these should I get? (Archived)SuperMarioDSFan92/4/2012
Just picked up Link's awakening.. (Archived)
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resident evil revelations at walmart (Archived)xerofyre042/4/2012
Mario Kart 7 or Super Mario 3D Land? (Archived)AkimboP9072/4/2012
Replacement Stylus (Archived)danielmaynard102/4/2012
Anyone have F1 2011 how is it ? (Archived)AncientRomeBC32/4/2012
Help me decide what games to download! (Archived)Woopdude62/4/2012
So you can't add friend codes if you're not online? D: (Archived)NinetoZero62/4/2012
Only two new Club Nintendo games? Thankfully we have today's eShop update... (Archived)
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100 year old keeps sharp playing Nintendo DS! (Archived)STN7992/4/2012
Friend code topic :P (Archived)
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Wario Land 4 really makes me want a Wario Land 3D. (Archived)
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I want an autograph from the creator of Animal Crossing... (Archived)derwake92/3/2012
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