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Let's Guess What they'll say at the conference tomorrow. (Archived)
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if you got a 3DS for Christmas, which color did you get? (Archived)
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This guy thinks I totally dig him (Archived)
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Nikki Mii? (Archived)Ilovepeasoup212/26/2011
Any way to download a video from nintendo video to keep? (Archived)MarioLuigi10312/26/2011
Mii maker won't scan QR codes... (Archived)Flamingcow99312/26/2011
How is pokemon rumble blast?h (Archived)OUTLAW2009912/26/2011
3DS Lite (Archived)
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Orange dot above the home screen friends list icon? (Archived)Spyderxb612/26/2011
Is the Nintendo world store worth visiting? (Archived)
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Should we expect a Reggie Nintendo direct tomorrow? (Archived)NHDrumline17712/26/2011
was gonna pick Okamiden or OoT but choked (Archived)XNo_FearX412/26/2011
How's Dead or Alive? (Archived)Kool-Aid_Man812/26/2011
Has Nintendo mentioned anything about DLC? (Archived)Marcx629512/26/2011
Super Mario Land Vs. Super Mario Land 2 (Archived)
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Used gift cards to buy (Archived)GM_412/26/2011
It seems I've just acquired this beautiful device as a gift :) (Archived)
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Hardest eShop games? (Archived)WiiFan77312/26/2011
why do people want me to get pushimo and not freakyforms? (Archived)sonic93021612/26/2011
Is it ok to press the touch screen with my thumb/fingers? (Archived)Icewitch912/26/2011
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