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I miss the days when handhelds weren't glossy. (Archived)Pokeclipse72/18/2012
If I get this system, what are the must have games to get with it? (Archived)
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How do you play the NES Super Mario Bros multiplayer between two different 3DS'? (Archived)AStiffyIffy32/18/2012
I hope we get a remake of (Archived)Yuffie4life82/18/2012
Do you think there will ever be SNES games on the 3DS virtual console? (Archived)
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Your 3DS: Which, when, where, and why. (Archived)
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I got a 3DS :D (Archived)Ame_no_Murakumo92/18/2012
I want more 3ds friends. I'm on everyday and always check swapnote (Archived)
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You think my wife will like Tales of the Abyss? (Archived)melchiahdim92/18/2012
Why has metroid been ignored? (Archived)
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I would love a new Doom game for 3ds. (Archived)
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how prevalent is Bomberman in Tetris Axis? (Archived)
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Finally.. I got my Tales of the Abyss game from Amazon (Archived)Kitt Thrust82/18/2012
I don't think people that support one system and take pleasure in the failure of (Archived)XXXB0BXXX72/18/2012
3DS vs Vita - User Interface and Navigation Comparison video (Archived)
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Nintendo Losing its magic" 3DS losing ground to Vita and smartphones(LMAO) (Archived)
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Can DLC be added to all 3DS games? (Archived)Chenmaster242/18/2012
Does the wireless router you use for 3ds online really matter? (Archived)yoyoyo33332/18/2012
Will ambassadors get any addition content from now? (Archived)
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CPP: Battery already dead!? (Archived)
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