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Are there ANY games on the upcoming games list that you actually want? (Archived)
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who is that chick on the top rated games tab on the e-shop? (Archived)Vecturin48/2/2011
Basically, everything that made the original DS unique... (Archived)
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The true root of the 3DS's problems is that (Archived)
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What , if anything, are you buying that is 3DS this month? (Archived)Spiffy24748/2/2011
what good online games are on the horizon? What good online games are out now? (Archived)beyondfrom38/2/2011
Which to get: Star Fox, Kid Icarus, or Sonic Generations? (Archived)
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She keeps calling it a joy stick! (Archived)
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I would like to see... (Archived)PeskyBOI4358/2/2011
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Pricing: Why the App Store ruins the industry.... (Archived)
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To those looking to use loophole. (Archived)SOULGKG58/2/2011
About 4 million early adopters, right? (Archived)
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I'm so glad Nintendo are struggling. (Archived)Gavin_Rozee48/2/2011
Anyone buy or going to buy 3DS before price drop regardless of 'loophole'? (Archived)
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Audio messing up on a Netflix movie... (Archived)Halo3GAMEFREAK28/2/2011
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