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Sign here if you're going to freeze yourself to ease the wait for the 3ds. (Archived)lbakinbaconl26/15/2010
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If the ds carts are bigger than gamecube discs... (Archived)m0986-886/15/2010
Needs more DOA Volleyball... (Archived)MrBanballow26/15/2010
Hey what if this had it's own Virtual Console? (Archived)
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Ocarina of Time 3D (Archived)SonicTHDark56/15/2010
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Pics (sorry if old) (Archived)CelticLink9436/15/2010
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3DS would have been so ninja if it wasn't announced before now (Archived)KHRZ56/15/2010
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It Costs 400,000 Dollars to Play this System... (Archived)Scrounder46/15/2010
If the 3DS smelled like garbage and hit you in the face when you played it (Archived)ohh4236/15/2010