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Now Capcom is blaming the earthquake. (Archived)
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how do i msg people on my friends list? (Archived)xphoenixonx77/24/2011
One thing I really miss having had a PSP go... (Archived)
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When does the 3DS start charging again on the dock? (Archived)darkqueenhelba57/24/2011
Shantae: Risky's Revenge proves that... (Archived)
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Don't have the system yet, but... (Archived)nintendogger77/24/2011
3DS still being outsold by PSP and DS (Archived)
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Original Titles or HD Remakes of Classic Games? (Archived)AndehPandy107/24/2011
C/D you want a new Zelda game instead of a MM or aLttp remake (Archived)
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there needs to be a My Little Pony FIM game on the 3DS (Archived)
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DSiWare disappointments? (Archived)GeekyDad87/24/2011
Why exactly did Nintendo choose this over a youtube or video player app? (Archived)
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Cyber Akuma Zero267/24/2011
There needs to be a my little pony fps game (Archived)
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well, it didn't take long for the 3ds vc to go the way of the wii vc. (Archived)
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Uhmm...what sound file(s) does DSi/3DS use? (Archived)Eric_Corona67/24/2011
Which color is cooler? (Archived)
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If you're going to buy Zelda OoT this week... (Archived)derekfishbowl57/24/2011
I think i figured out a way to convert videos for 3ds but...i wouldnt do it... (Archived)Eric_Corona47/24/2011
I hopw Nintendo buys out... (Archived)
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I was pretty impressed with Netflix on 3DS. (Archived)Samuri27/24/2011