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Any word on how DS games would look on this? (Archived)misticknight136/16/2010
Metroid deserves to be part of the 3DS! (Archived)
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I want a famicom color. (Archived)KaneBlueriver26/16/2010
I'm hoping the multimedia functions on this are good (Archived)
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I'm from 2017. Ask me anything. (Archived)
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Is the release going to be in 2011 or could it come in late 2010? (Archived)
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The N3DS may have a VC actually. (Archived)Sakurafanboy76/16/2010
iPhone like apps for this? (Archived)sackboypwnsall36/16/2010
I hope the 3DS Web Browser will support Flash! (Archived)
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The DS has gone through puberty (Archived)TheYokoFactor76/16/2010
I hope for 2 things (Archived)Skarew86/16/2010
Is the touch screen capacitive or stylus based? (Archived)doshindude36/16/2010
Think of all of the possibilities with the gyroscope and accelerometer! (Archived)ohh4246/16/2010
3DS? More like the Super Saiyan 3DS! (Archived)Zero_Saber_X36/16/2010
Jump game? (Archived)orcsz16/16/2010
I am both short sighted, and I have a cateract, will I be able to play this? (Archived)eevee1266/16/2010
The Best Time In Handheld Are Upon Us.... (Archived)plagamesforeva56/16/2010
3DS has the potential to make the greatest HH FPS game of all time. (Archived)luigi3386/16/2010
Why do ppl actually think the 3ds graphical power is anything above the ps2? (Archived)
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The 3DS to launch in Europe by early next year according to Eurogamer (Archived)joeyxxxx436/16/2010