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Offical discussion topic for Nintendo's E3 press confrence! (Archived)
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Nintencats? For ****'s sake... (Archived)GanonMan198736/15/2010
Only one analog stick, yup, they left a HUGE unused space on the right, but (Archived)Soul_Alchemist26/15/2010
It's kind of weird that... (Archived)Lost_Seraph0996/15/2010
Looking forward to the system AND to see who was right/wrong (Archived)grans16/15/2010
all this 3ds talk is making me hungry (Archived)whitemogs36/15/2010
Think this will get leaked today? (Archived)Jarinmack96/15/2010
The 3d cameras look too close...? (Archived)Wetterdew106/15/2010
Now can we finally get a portable Smash Bros? (Archived)Mr_Mooooo86/14/2010
I know why they call it the 3DS (Archived)
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I have a REALLY good feeling about 3DS already, is that healthy? (Archived)
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The reason why this won't be called the 3DDS (Archived)PaperSpock56/14/2010
Official 2 more days topic. (Archived)TheFantasticMrS66/14/2010
You know what the 3DS would be great for....? (Archived)POLLY_0176/14/2010
I hope the first model actually looks good. (Archived)burnrubbertc86/14/2010
Official 1 more day topic. (Archived)lbakinbaconl46/14/2010
The worst part of this gen of handhelds is (Archived)jurrasicbark96/14/2010
Your most wanted 3DS games. (Archived)
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Do you think....? (Archived)K3wlness66/14/2010
Do you think Luigi will get a game on 3DS? (Archived)POLLY_01106/14/2010