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So should I send my 3DS for a repair? (Archived)MarcosAKAshorty77/31/2011
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So people who are buying their 3DS and getting the price match... (Archived)agentjonny257917/31/2011
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I reserved StarFox 64 3D at gamestop... (Archived)
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So with the price drop and free games?? (Archived)Coop1467/31/2011
I Hate Nintendo (Archived)
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They keep calling it a doodad! (Archived)
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eShop? (Archived)HyperWaterVX77/31/2011
Mario Party Advance should be one of the free GBA games. (Archived)
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Do you keep your 3DS constantly connected to da internet? (Archived)Roco3237357/31/2011
i see wut u did thar nintendo! (Archived)xCha0s57/31/2011
PSA: Nintendo isn't losing money from the loophole. Retailers are. (Archived)
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