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pedometer reset itself ? (Archived)
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Someone should make a petition for Extend on the 3DS (Archived)David136912/14/2011
Gyrozetter,would you buy it? (Archived)David136112/14/2011
So what should I expect from Wario Land IV? (Archived)so64212/14/2011
This week is going to be a great week. (Archived)SaveDaQueen712/14/2011
The Hunge is a bit lose. (Archived)The_Djoker1012/14/2011
Ambassador question? (Archived)dmx4940412/14/2011
How long will ambassadors have a head start on games until the rest of us get it (Archived)
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0_o the new puzzles are saved on the SD Card (Archived)
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So...what can the 3DS do other than gaming? (Archived)CardigansFan912/14/2011
GBA titles revealed, coming to Japan on Friday (Archived)
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Club Nintendo games are back up! (Archived)parKb5512/14/2011
A Brand New Pokemon Snap game would be amazing. (Archived)
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is Pushmo more fun than it looks in the videos? (Archived)nero_rules1012/14/2011
Any Europe Exclusive games? (Archived)Encephlon612/14/2011
My 3DS is a woman in her 30th year of marriage... (Archived)
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Took my 3DS off the base charger as it showed it was done charging... (Archived)xLexLuth0rx812/14/2011
My L button kind of gets hard. (Archived)
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charger cable trouble (Archived)shenran312/14/2011
How do these games play? good or bad? (Archived)XNo_FearX312/13/2011