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Nintendo:"Hey 6year old, you can't play this game but if you do turn off the 3D" (Archived)GoldenSun3DS51/16/2012
How do you make a picture the background in Swapnote? (Archived)AP3Brain21/16/2012
I'm going to start writing alot of 3ds game reviews, input wanted. (Archived)BigReed11/16/2012
Help! I'm Freaking Out! (Archived)neopichu121/16/2012
C/D 3ds ware is so far much better than both DSI and Wiiware (Archived)
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2 original Zelda games coming to 3DS? (Archived)
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Club Nintendo PIN code exchange (Archived)Juampix11/16/2012
question about the cartridges them selves (Archived)tiamat99951/16/2012
So what was the next big title again? (Archived)
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So I updated my GB and GBC titles.. (Archived)
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My 3DS is making me sell my wife. (Archived)JIGSAW_KILLER41/16/2012
How do you change the color of pants on your created mii? (Archived)levyjl198851/16/2012
Dropped my 3DS for the first time today. (Archived)
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How much could I sell my 3DS for? (Archived)
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Which of these two cases should I get? (Archived)xxtearg0dxx31/16/2012
Range and time to Streetpass with people? (Archived)ryuhipowers261/16/2012
Spread the codes! (Archived)pwingx71/16/2012
Your most wanted 3DS remakes and why? (Archived)
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Wow, profesor layton and the last spector is amazing (Spoilers) (Archived)
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Want to upgrade to a bigger sd card (Archived)NinjaGamer_2341/16/2012
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