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So wait. They're giving us 20 free games? (Archived)
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I hope we get Club Nintendo coins from the Ambassador games. (Archived)Hay_Stack67/28/2011
20 games will take up how much space? (Archived)sebetai77/28/2011
Are the 20 games worth 80 dollars (Archived)
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My friend just told me about the price cut... (Archived)nintendogger77/28/2011
Price Drop = Buy! But, first, questions about 3DS... (Archived)tuvok4757/28/2011
Nintendo Incurring Loss on 3DS Hardware (Archived)pedrami9137/28/2011
I really hope at least 1 of the free games... (Archived)marsgreekgod27/28/2011
People who are actually complaining about the recent news: you piss me off (Archived)
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Well I'm fine with the price drop :) (Archived)Swan362457/28/2011
Might sound like a stupid question but when they say at least once before Aug 11 (Archived)Duncanwii77/28/2011
Price cut is not going to help (Archived)
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scorpio man217/28/2011
Metal Gear Solid 3D Delayed IN AUSTRALIA. Anywhere Else is an Unconfirmed Rumor. (Archived)
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I suppose that's the way the cookie crumbles eh? (Archived)TinyTankX67/28/2011
Could this be part of the problem why 3DS isn't selling? (Archived)papercup107/28/2011
Free games? (Archived)Shadowman62127/28/2011
Oh god. I think I'm pretty much screwed. (Archived)Emoglobin27/28/2011
Does that count launch gamers? (Archived)soulcalibur247/28/2011
"Mario Kart 7" "Super Mario 3D Land" (Archived)
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20 Free VC Games or...... (Archived)
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