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so now that their remaking msot of the old original games... (Archived)
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I had a dream I introduced the 3DS at E3... (Archived)protomole6466/21/2010
Most of the games announced seem like it'll be... (Archived)PokeLoveGuy936/21/2010
At least IGN got right at who won E3 (Archived)Grunt4016/21/2010
Will they be releasing 3D movies for the 3DS? (Archived)Fattitude56/21/2010
The Price is Right (3DS version) (Archived)
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I had a dream I was playing the 3DS. (Archived)AlphaWhelp86/21/2010
Sign if you would purchase this regardless of 3D (Archived)
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How's about we don't compare to the psp till we got the damn thing in our hands (Archived)Grunt40106/21/2010
Do recent DS's still have dead pixel problems? (Archived)FlipManV326/21/2010
How does Nintendo manage to still use cartridges for the 3DS? (Archived)
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This NEEDS 2 analog sticks (Archived)
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This is going to be amazing. (Archived)Fullgore EXE26/21/2010
Some relatively obscure games should be ported. (Archived)Timohtep56/21/2010
RUMOR- 3DS to use a single Friend Code System. (Archived)
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D Nyce136/21/2010
Think About The Release Date (Archived)
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they should remake make F Zero X with the Expansion Kit (Archived)
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Wait, so when they say 3DS... (Archived)metroidman9266/21/2010
No mike? (Archived)Klonoa_Fan199476/21/2010
How much do graphics and multimedia influence you? (Archived)
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