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Do the 20 free games apply to everyone or just America? (Archived)MizuhoChama37/28/2011
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Official What Ambassador Title Do You Want Thread... (Archived)
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The latest on 3D viewing - still causes eye strain and fatique (Archived)
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are people going to regret NOT being an early adopter now? (Archived)
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So, there's 9 games we don't know about (Archived)
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C/D Nintendo should put the original Pokemon Red and Green on VC (Archived)Big_Isaac47/28/2011
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When will we be able to download the 10 free nes Ambassadors games? (Archived)
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ThE MaSTeR 3137/28/2011
Yaaaayyyy!! the system/nintendo looks like are back to competition again.... (Archived)moogle6917/28/2011
My 3DS just updated. (Archived)
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With the price drop announced, do you regret buying the 3DS early? (Archived)
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The 20 free games was a nice saving throw. (Archived)Garp_fist67/28/2011