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This console has a strong possibility to come out this year (Archived)
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I think I'm too hyped for this.................. (Archived)
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What game are you most looking forward to? (Archived)
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will the 3d appear to pop out or... (Archived)Zig_N_Zag46/20/2010
so the sound quality is going to improve correct? (Archived)lizard81288106/20/2010
Rare can make games for this right? (Archived)knightoffire5566/20/2010
will 3D damage your eyes if use for too long? (Archived)ZooM158586/20/2010
So glad that there''s an analog stick. (Archived)icedragon0756/20/2010
this and n64 (Archived)wildwrath36/20/2010
Yahoo News is already claiming the release to be 2011. (Archived)FlipManV326/20/2010
Pretend the 3DS is $300 at launch (Archived)
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Nintendo is pushing all competetors out of the market. (Archived)
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Do the graphics on the 3DS really rival the Wii graphics? (Archived)
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so is this thing supposed to come out this year? (Archived)green butter66/20/2010
3DS Game Carts = Same Size & Shape as DS? (Archived)RisenTerran66/20/2010
Amazon leaked Nintendogs + cats, and it's release date!! (Archived)
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I just noticed something about the colors. (Archived)Jarinmack46/20/2010
Anyone else a fan of Dementium? (Archived)MetroidJunkie56/20/2010
Wait, so since 3ds carts will be roughly the same size as ds carts at launch (Archived)
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Mario Kart expectations (Archived)
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