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Sign Here if you think the 3ds will beat the Vita (Archived)
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If You Play DOA, SwapNote, Or Plan on Playing RE:Revelations/Heroes of Ruin... (Archived)
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They Need to Fix the eShop >.> (Archived)SimmerE15101/7/2012
Why are people posting so much Swapnote related stuff on the 3DS Board... (Archived)Crazyfrog55541/7/2012
How do u draw using 3DS? (Archived)AP3Brain71/7/2012
Would anyone like to become friends? (Archived)crazy4kh331/7/2012
How much memory does the 3DS itself hold? (Christmas noob) (Archived)b2trumpet81/7/2012
Has anyone downloaded Quick Fill Q (Archived)iruvabsol51/7/2012
C/D: You would purchase a CDi anthology for download at $5. (Archived)
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My 3DS/DSi Ware from Best to Worst (IMO) Not Including Ambassador Games (Archived)Walkiethrougie11/7/2012
How's Mighty Milky Way? (Archived)Gavin_Rozee31/7/2012
Fatal Frame Live action Movie based on the 3DS version (Archived)kukingina2101/7/2012
Northwest Indiana/Chicago Nintendo Geek Meet. (Archived)
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Couple questions before I buy.. (Archived)ShredTilDead21/7/2012
Eshop demos for NoA? (Archived)
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What are the Grade A games out there now? (Archived)J_Cov101/7/2012
Worth getting SMT: Overclocked if I have the original? (Archived)TronBonne09101/7/2012
Weekly VC content is getting old :/ (Archived)
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Super Mario 3D Land vs. Kid Icarus (Archived)Darkstorm1671/7/2012
Can 3DS handle a game like Bayonetta or NG? (Archived)
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