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Now that I think about it, it's crazy how many free DSiware/3DS games I have. (Archived)
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How do you download 3d movies from E-Shop (Archived)sonic9302149/30/2011
3D puts a smile on my face (Archived)
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you know its sad.... (Archived)Darkstorm1669/30/2011
So, doy you think we will see more GB Mega Mans on the eShop before 2012? (Archived)
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It seems as though, they fixed the sound issue on the trailers (Archived)lizard8128819/30/2011
the uh 3ds tgs trailers are up (Archived)
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I'm going to buy the 3ds, have a few q's (Archived)hulkster2386949/30/2011
Starfox64 vs Zelda:OOC (Archived)
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getting errors connecting to eShop (Archived)vallxtreme59/30/2011
Mario Land 2 is up, brahs. (Archived)Vayolenlo99/30/2011
so when we are able to do 3ds to 3ds system transfers do you think.... (Archived)spemsha69/30/2011
Nintendo's Hotspot Locator says the nearest is a Fedex/Kinko's... (Archived)BBlackford39/30/2011
One thing I hate about the word "3D" ever since the 3DS came out. (Archived)
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Anyone play Portable Shrine Wars? Looks interesting. (Archived)darkqueenhelba39/30/2011
Trailers are up for NA (Archived)jose_ole199/30/2011
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