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Do Miis from invitations do anything (after the new update)? (Archived)joshua593210612/6/2011
In Game Streetpass but No Mii Plaza Street Pass? (Archived)Raaaaaandy81712/6/2011
How to play 3DS video on PC? (Archived)Gamer546712/6/2011
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Will the new 3DS update turn my 3DS into a Decepticon? (Archived)
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*Spoilers* System update (Archived)Murderstorm117412/6/2011
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I thought this update brought an eshop revamp... (Archived)StormKMD312/6/2011
How you access to Find Mii 2? (Archived)TyRaNtM312/6/2011
The smiling shopping bag keeps faking me out. (Archived)Bleachfreak7212/6/2011
How to spotpass mii's? Just wait with wi-fi? (Archived)huntie201812/6/2011
Do you think "sexting" will be popular with the 3DS future updates? (Archived)
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Thumbstick troubles (Archived)Nagash812/6/2011
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