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Normally I would be worried about the low resolution, but I guess small 3.5 in- (Archived)Boatboy636/17/2010
Anyone else originally expect a DSi with 3D function? (Archived)
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R we getting alot of N64 remakes becasue it & 3DS only have one joystick? (Archived)Wolflord5786/17/2010
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Can someone tell me what's on the screen on this 3DS demo vid? (Archived)
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We need a "Tales of" game on 3DS (Archived)Krav96/17/2010
Relece day? (Archived)AdamJP1036/17/2010
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EB Games Australia preorders- $348 AUD (NOT USD, NOT AUTHORIZED BY NINTENDO) (Archived)grans66/17/2010
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3DS features software install (Archived)
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