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Do you think the club nintendo prize this year reflect the budget of nintendo ? (Archived)
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Is Pushmo worth 300 coins? (Archived)Encephlon612/14/2011
hopefully the GBA games come out for the US and EU soon. (Archived)Marcster1994912/14/2011
Fire emblem? (Archived)MarioLinkGenofa312/14/2011
Is Bestbuy still doing the free $50 gift card thing? (Archived)n0matter312/14/2011
MK7 or SM3DL? (Archived)
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I find the eshops lack of games..disturbing.. (Archived)
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Opinion: Star Tropics is overdue for a new entry/remake/reimagining (Archived)AceAndJunpei1012/14/2011
Had 250 coins, and I got Xevious. Now I'm stuck between Fluidity and Minis. (Archived)
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My 3DS is Jill Valentine in heat... (Archived)
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Eshop games (Archived)Twilightwolf444512/14/2011
When does Nintendo regularly update the eShop? (Archived)PhilBrooks312/14/2011
Anyone else having trouble with club nintendo? (Archived)Bleachfreak7912/14/2011
Thinking about sending my 3DS to Nintendo to get it "repaired"... (Archived)xXDeadWulfXx712/14/2011
Some Great Best Buy deals on 3DS games.. free shipping (Archived)
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Kitt Thrust1712/14/2011
Circle Pad Pro is only $20 (Archived)
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Are we gonna get the Ambassador titlds a day early like last time? >_> (Archived)NeonOctopus512/14/2011
Cannot get Xevious (Archived)ss4gogeta_dark712/14/2011
Wait what's all this talk about the GBA games? :o (Archived)Bigglesworth827412/14/2011
so if the GBA games will be available on the 16th in japan does that mean....... (Archived)ObtuseAngina312/14/2011