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Questions again (Archived)inkatchi412/28/2011
Adding Friends (Archived)Greyfox_1980112/28/2011
Hi! I really need friends ^_^ (Archived)
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Normal for the Nintendo 3DS to get warm whilst gaming? (Archived)
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Is adding rubber feet safe? (Archived)
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OH GOD! I let my 3DS to turn into a red battery. (Archived)
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Is it worth it to get the Nyko Power Pak+? (Archived)SMBfan13812/28/2011
I have but $5 left on my 3DS. What should I get? (Archived)
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Sd card question? (Archived)jose_ole1612/27/2011
3DS Blocks Space. (Archived)mwsgn618712/27/2011
3DS just froze on me. (Archived)FiendingHard512/27/2011
Being home sick is overrated (Archived)
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Is there a way to share 3DSWare between systems? (Archived)Karsticles312/27/2011
Who wants to be swapnote buddies! (Archived)KeleenRem612/27/2011
Is Hal and Hal Laboratories the same company or ... (Archived)Chenmaster2212/27/2011
Create your top 5 3DS games (Archived)_yangusnguv_912/27/2011
Left speaker volume very low, anyone else's like this? (Archived)ultcomics612/27/2011
add me for Swapnote & I'll send pics with awesome 3D effects ! (Archived)
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Unable to update new 3ds... charter is my internet company. (Archived)Frogfucius912/27/2011
Wow... I streetpassed people with pink panels! (Archived)
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