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I broke up with my girlfriend, heres her number...SIKE! dats the WRONG number!! (Archived)
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What's the point of being able to get other people's Miis fron online games? (Archived)Saihig212/7/2011
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Can you get a streetpass while on a boat? (Archived)GM_712/7/2011
Can you unlock more countries in the map? Eg (Archived)
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I got a question about the Club Nintendo Pin Set (whoever received it) (Archived)
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3DS to get rumble feature???? (Archived)biggy204712/7/2011
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Is there a way to Record 3DS gameplay in full capture not Cam capture (Archived)youngbro212/7/2011
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Whoa, there's an Arwing Hat! (Archived)
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