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I just knew that Ocarina Of Time would come out to this system. (Archived)
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Is there going to be (Archived)Daniellink42036/15/2010
No price or release date? (Archived)
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I wasn't planning to buy this at launch (Archived)HiddenDoorway76/15/2010
Hoping for at least a 9~ hour battery (Archived)
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Who's happy just because... (Archived)Boombot52556/15/2010
Imagine if Nintendo held a poll for the one 3DS game to be bundled (Archived)
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Screenshots of 3DS games. (Archived)
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Think this will get an update after a little while... (Archived)DarkGaruda46/15/2010
I hope they do a remake of Majora's Mask for the 3DS, eventually... (Archived)Hyper_Insanity26/15/2010
GTA remake? (Archived)K3wlness76/15/2010
so at e3 they said (Archived)SpaceAssassin36/15/2010
Remake Virtual Boy Wario Land for the 3DS?? (Archived)benignvirus76/15/2010
Street Fighter 4 looks the best out of all of them (Archived)Grunt4096/15/2010
OoT remake is just a tech demo, and not an actual game. (Archived)Swagodile76/15/2010
Ocarina of Time Version (Archived)dees101086/15/2010
I hope this new generation handheld breathes some life back into Mega Man... (Archived)
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Resident Evil for the 3DS?! (Archived)WoIfOfLight16/15/2010
I hope it can trade Pokemon with the DS/l/i/XL (Archived)KaiserLeo96/15/2010
*waits for pokemon Black and White* (Archived)WoIfOfLight86/15/2010