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Rate my current collection /10 (Archived)mr_metalhead666712/26/2011
Any free or special releases yesterday for 3DS or Wii? (Archived)15RC512/26/2011
Hello all.. (Archived)superjon1991712/26/2011
Heard a rumor that there's a 999 sequel coming out for this... (Archived)Bigglesworth827612/26/2011
C/D: Conker's Bad Fur Day 3D should be made (Archived)
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Wanna know what sucks. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Spirit Photo!!! :-D (Archived)m0986-8912/26/2011
street pass is becoming useful now (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Luigi's Mansion was for early 2012. Paper Mario was announced with Mario Kart. (Archived)Koopalmier212/26/2011
Just got a 3DS and I wish to draw (Archived)Adam_Horovitz1012/26/2011
Pushmo lv. 2-15 & 2-16. (Archived)shenran312/26/2011
Any good free games in the store? (Archived)Deadpool_18512/26/2011
can the 3DS connect with the DS for pokemon? (Archived)Slash_Kamei212/26/2011
Will Reggie do another post-conference video like last time and hit a new level (Archived)Nekoakuma312/26/2011
oh no.... the power button.... (Archived)
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Any Translators here (Archived)SectorZz1012/26/2011
Freaky notes (Archived)
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Do save games save to the SD card? (Archived)smerf1812/26/2011
Nintendo Direct Liveblog (Archived)fuzaco512/26/2011
What upcoming/unreleased 3DS title are you most excited for? (Archived)Icewitch912/26/2011
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