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Mario Kart made in act of desperation, I thought everything was healthy with 3ds (Archived)
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How long does it normally take for the club nintendo items to arrive? EU/UK (Archived)monkeypahng811/27/2011
why is this system easier to break then the DS ? (Archived)tremain07611/27/2011
I just want to enjoy my video games. (Archived)
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Games you are looking forward to and their release dates: (Archived)
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3DS hard shell clear case for 3 bucks (Archived)JP_Sartre411/27/2011
People who have netflix (Archived)
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Rather than 3D remakes, hows about discussing new series iterations for the 3DS? (Archived)Shadow_Mario011011/27/2011
Is there BBC iPlayer and Youtube on the 3DS? (Archived)Yorkshire_14811/27/2011
I got Another $10 on the eshop and am considering buying something. (Archived)
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Is it worth buying a 3DS now for a handful of games? (Archived)
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Well at least theres one positvie thing about the 3DS having lackluster/mediocor (Archived)
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People who did't add me. *sob* (Archived)BlckLghtShningD611/27/2011
Question about trading in DS lite toward 3DS. (Archived)CosmosYears1011/27/2011
Does the Flame Red version have better battery life? (Archived)username_24911/27/2011
Will GameStop give me more money for my games if I give them the box? (Archived)
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Heres how my day went with street fighter 4 3d. please tell me if im wrong (Archived)
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Which one of these should be bought? (Archived)TJ1524411/27/2011
Gamefaqs Board Tourney: Super Street fighter 4 3d:best of the best (Archived)kays7711/27/2011
any more word on the headset (Archived)VaultBoy2010111/27/2011