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Neflix question. (Archived)USMCinfinity78/12/2011
If I buy a 2nd 3DS, can I use the game saves from the orig. 3DS on the new one? (Archived)Roco3237348/12/2011
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"My ASIAN Farm?!" (Archived)
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What can I use to clean the screens? (Archived)
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How big are 3DS games? (Archived)
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Any word on when we can download the free games? (Archived)
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Price Drop Day; Best Buy price match is a go (Archived)
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First thing I heard when I got my 3ds today.... (Archived)
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i didn't get any ambassador message? (Archived)ricshos108/12/2011
do you think the 3ds successor will keep the 3d feature? (Archived)queirotacobell58/12/2011
What games should I buy for this? (Archived)Sinestro_Corps58/12/2011
Mario Bros. should be in 3D... (Archived)Flootenkerp68/12/2011
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ads like this make the 3ds sound like its just a normal dsi with 3D.... (Archived)
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