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I have 10.05$ in my eShop (Archived)
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Best - Worst - Disturbing SwapNotes (Archived)
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Alabama FC Exchange (Archived)Brandon04248711/11/2012
I wonder what the inevitable Pokemon themed 3DS will look like? (Archived)PkmTrainerAbram31/11/2012
An interesting thought... (Archived)Reich12331/10/2012
Club Nintendo new game downloads--don't think they'll be out on the 10th (Archived)
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When do GBA games become available on the eshop? (Archived)Zero_Saber_X71/10/2012
More friend codes (Archived)cibo1531/10/2012
What is the best racing game on the Nintendo 3DS so far???? (Archived)
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Could the 3DS do something like LoZ:TP or SMG? (Archived)
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quick question about games and the SD Cards (Archived)Darkstorm1681/10/2012
Considering getting metal gear solid 3D later this year but need more info (Archived)
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How to fix the E-shop (Archived)
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How much space is Zen Pinball? (Archived)paulink81/10/2012
What's wrong with you people? (Archived)
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Do you get Club Nintendo coins for third party games? (Archived)FierceJello51/10/2012
Well. I Am Sending my 3DS in for repair. (Archived)Bigglesworth82771/10/2012
Hope my Club Nintendo stuff arrives this week... (Archived)m0986-871/10/2012
Cool fact that I think I've seen on this board b4 (Archived)legendarylemur51/10/2012
6 dollars left. What on Eshop is good? (Archived)Zanmato55561/10/2012
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