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Will the 3DS be marketed at the same demographic as the GBA demographic (Archived)
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Augmented Reality, very interesting. (Archived)Hide_The_Butter26/26/2010
How good is the cameras? is it as good as the handphone? how many megapixel? (Archived)
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anyone else not a fan of the exterior finish/design? (Archived)dARK_demonwolf46/26/2010
Will the 3DS have Flash? (Archived)PhantomPuppet46/26/2010
Can we upload our pictures that we have taken with the camera, to my computer? (Archived)jordjmax36/26/2010
Camera needs flash (Archived)YoyokuKO26/26/2010
Claw method? (Archived)SaidPerson66/26/2010
Nintendo is going to create such a good portable, theyre going to kill gaming (Archived)
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A flaw with the 3D camera (Archived)Gavin_Rozee26/26/2010
Sega should make a portable system (Archived)
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It would be cool if the 3D screen could follow headtracking. (Archived)TheDarkNerd76/26/2010
I hope RE: Revelations uses the touch screen for aiming. (Archived)frogman_29586/26/2010
Jimmy Fallon thing =/= confirmed release (Archived)Grunt4076/26/2010
You know, Roller Coaster Tycoon or something might be fun... (Archived)MrBanballow36/26/2010
Damn, Nintendo 3DS out next year (Archived)moemoney21078876/25/2010
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Rant About Developing for the 3DS (Archived)
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