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Holy cow! Swapnote is way more fully-featured than I had ever expected it to be! (Archived)
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Nintendo Letter Box / Swap Note FC Exchange Thread! (Archived)
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I sold my 3DS on Craigslist (Archived)SimpletonArray712/24/2011
Just sent a fail note to everyone on my friend's list (Archived)JakalyReborn112/24/2011
Whats with the time stamped notes? (Archived)mralspsp712/24/2011
Another web broadcast from Nintendo is coming in a couple of days (Archived)Dr_Koopa76212/24/2011
a little ds homebrew, admittedly very 'basic'... (Archived)brizobst412/24/2011
Shinobi (Archived)segadc2k5812/24/2011
At this point, do you think the 3DS will also be as great as the GBA and the DS? (Archived)legendarylemur612/24/2011
Nintendo Predictions for 2012. What do you think? ( article ) (Archived)Kitt Thrust112/24/2011
If Nintendo released hummus and Pita chips you would buy it (Archived)
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Kitt Thrust3812/24/2011
How to get Swapnotes faster! (Archived)PaperDolphin412/24/2011
What shall I play? for a few hours before I go out !? (Spoilers) (Archived)lp356281212/24/2011
How do I move pics around in the mailbox? (Archived)nonexistinghero912/24/2011
are pins for club nintendo useless? (Archived)0-taku312/24/2011
eshop has vastly improved(north american Eshop) (Archived)
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Nintendo Direct 2 set for 27/12 for Japan (Archived)DarkKamonG412/24/2011
Swapnote and gaming friends in georgia! (Archived)k1nsmen123612/24/2011
Virtual Console Multiplatform? (Archived)tidushuyin512/24/2011
So... a few upgrades I think pictochat could use. (Archived)Grandy12812/24/2011
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