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apple is dominanting the handheld games console games next
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Perhaps it's a good thing we don't have a level editor for 2D Mario games ...
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Remember when the 3DS was starting out people were asking when it would get
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
How is Aliens Infestation on the XL?JC_Jenson69/4/2012
3DS Friend Code Exchange!!!ayumuKun29/4/2012
Augmented reality is under supported on 3DS.monkeyspoon69/4/2012
Just to let everyone know we need more GameFAQs 3DS friends in our Group!ShadowkhNinja59/4/2012
Hori 3DS XL Hard Pouchsuzukimatsui29/4/2012
Looking for 3DS friends who draw/animate
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I have to admit Iwata and Itoi are like good friends to each other.Chenmaster279/4/2012
Finally gave in and got myself Kid Icarus Uprising.......
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if i already bought KI:U at Gamestop can i buy the BB copy and return it to GS?cabcalloway198339/4/2012
I hope that nintendo sells more than 500 million 3DS by the end of 2014.VerySolidusSnak89/3/2012
So what are some killer apps for 3DS this holiday?spealfan444109/3/2012
I have to show my ID and my credit card to Best Buy.Chenmaster2109/3/2012
Next Nintendo Franchise to be revived?
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The 3DS is doing terribly.
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Serious problem with Kingdom Heartsknightoffire5559/3/2012
Nintendo announced Metroid: The last epilepsy for 3DS!VerySolidusSnak19/3/2012
Street Pass at ComicCon
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