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3DS better release this year. Because... (Archived)Bububububububu67/19/2010
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It seems that if 3D on portable devices was easy, Apple would have beat them... (Archived)
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Boards with trolls already existed & 3DS board wasn't the first. (Archived)Lord_Cohliani67/19/2010
A lot of actual discussion on these discussion boards... (Archived)Stankymoo57/19/2010
Could 3DS games work for the DSi/XL? (Archived)Monstermash1397/19/2010
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I have three faces (Archived)Lord_Cohliani47/19/2010
Poll: Do you know what Bioware is? (Archived)
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Will This Be as Big a Jump as SNES to N64? (Archived)
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so the PSP will face his downfall? (Archived)thebiohazardguy67/19/2010
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RUMOR 3DS to be released in UK in March 2011. (Archived)Jarinmack57/19/2010