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How do you remove friends? (Archived)PaperDolphin612/29/2011
Looking for friends (Archived)Kinsuzu1012/29/2011
VVVVVV is up. (Archived)AnotherSomebody412/29/2011
Getting money onto my e-shop using debit card. (Archived)
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DS games really aren't that bad on 3DS (Archived)
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What do the different color magics do in Find Mii again? (Archived)
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i am new to the boards .....need some friends (Archived)ForeverBlazin712/29/2011
battery life (Archived)Snakeman18912/29/2011
Fire emblen needs moare mechanics! (Archived)king_darks1012/29/2011
Fire Emblem should fire emblems from Fire Emblems. (Archived)martyoytram812/29/2011
add me 343730687839 (Archived)
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Thank You Swapnote Spammers (Archived)
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How many times is a Mii asked of a rating? (Archived)KirbyCheat212/29/2011
Eurosport thing is terrible. (Archived)Yuri_LowelI412/29/2011
Freaky forms update ? (Archived)LethalX08512/29/2011
Is there any chance that? (Archived)crazy4kh3912/29/2011
Which games are you looking forward to most? (Archived)aeroblaster7412/29/2011
Ambassadors getting an Update for super mario bros? (Archived)Bigglesworth8271012/29/2011
Will altering my Mii's name/appearance affect games? (Archived)Hejiru206512/29/2011
Toys R Us having a 40% video game sale...Getting 3DS games :D (Archived)
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