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If the 3ds had a reg. model at $200 and a 3G one for $250, which would you get? (Archived)
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Should i get a Wii or wait for 3DS? (Archived)
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Is DSiWare going to come on the 3DS? (Archived)Virtual_Console97/21/2010
Nintendo stole the idea to utilize the third dimension from God. (Archived)
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3D Flipnote Studio? (Archived)Staravia57/20/2010
Question concerning the 3D effect. (Archived)Teremei87/20/2010
I'm a pessimist, so. . (Archived)
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A possible 3DS release date?? (Archived)GhostFace97737/20/2010
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I just realized (Archived)
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lost in blue for the 3ds (Archived)Sano_sky77/20/2010
Is Nintendo holding back solid info on the 3DS for the sake of the DS? (Archived)
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Is there any other 3D footage from E3? (Archived)MetroidJunkie107/20/2010
Look at this (Archived)
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Can the 3DS play your DSiWare games? (Archived)MetaKirbyFan57/20/2010
A/D Online play should use names and accounts, not friend codes (Archived)
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Close up video of the 3DS at E3(Pretty good quality) (Archived)
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Star Wars Rebel Strike...for 3DS... (Archived)DarkShadowRage47/20/2010
UK MIGHT be getting the 3DS before the US *Link* (Archived)O_Town_Rulez107/20/2010
Anyone else thinking about turning in their lite/phat for credits for the 3DS? (Archived)
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