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2D games in 3D... that sounds so contradictive. (Archived)
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I hope they re-design the 3DS like they did with the DS (Archived)
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Hey guys. Playing through all my N64 games. (Archived)R0yledge77736/18/2010
This is probably going to have the same release schedule as the DS (Archived)joeyxxxx466/18/2010
Wait, I can play my DS games on this thing?Is there any reason to get an XL now? (Archived)Gucci_Mane_66/18/2010
Images of the 3DS cart (Archived)Oxn51826/18/2010
ITT: How logical would it be to release a "Black Cartridge" for 3DS? (Archived)
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um...haven't all analog sticks always been on the left? (Archived)VRX300096/18/2010
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Wifi/wireless range, and a few more questions. (Archived)syn_xicro106/18/2010
Gamestop better have good Trade-in deals for old DSs (Archived)sackboypwnsall76/18/2010
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With 3DS unveiled, what will be the competitor's response to it? (Archived)
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3DS, Kinetic or Move (Archived)
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What if the N3DS causes people to become (Archived)Xenosheart66/18/2010
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3DS Video - *IN 3d* I never knew youtube had a 3d option...... (Archived)
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We need a Megaman Legends 3 for 3DS (Archived)PSI_Ground96/18/2010