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Something really bothers me about the 3DS. Why doesn't it... (Archived)wolf_blitzer8571/18/2012
Eshop demos coming tommorow! (Archived)
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Can someone please exlain spotpass? (Archived)cmgolden9341/18/2012
eShop demos launch in EU (Archived)parKb521/18/2012
This console makes my hand sore just from holding it while playing. (Archived)
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How do I send a swapnote message to people I play online in MK7? (Archived)ShadowkhNinja81/18/2012
so since fatal frame and resident evil are showing up (Archived)
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so im buying a3ds again :) (Archived)
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Which camera view do you like to use for Zen Pinball? (Archived)legendarylemur71/18/2012
Any reason for no SNES Mario games on 3DS eshop? (Archived)Cartwheel_Kick71/18/2012
Anyone think that Virtual Boy Classics would be fitting for the 3DS? (Archived)Tendogamerxxx71/18/2012
Hypothetically... (Archived)ssj_goku92141/18/2012
Nintendo's Horror game, Cursed Camera, hitting stores Friday April 13th. (Archived)
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When does nintendo update eshop? And am I missi g something in the eshop? (Archived)0-taku61/17/2012
the piece of plastic on my serial numbuer is falling off (Archived)Zranoll101/17/2012
Can I watch digital copies on 3DS? (Archived)
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C/D The 3DS was/is worth $250 (Archived)
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Easter Eggs/tricks? (Archived)Rhodechill91/17/2012
Having three stars just means you were lucky and patient. (Archived)
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How long have you owned your 3DS? (Archived)
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