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I know epic fail but where is the pin # on a 3ds game. (Archived)huntie20141/1/2012
Wow the 3ds did well this holiday (Archived)
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I've decided to do the impossible. (Archived)
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I sold a PS3 to a father who bought it for his son (Archived)TriforceMaster331/1/2012
Omg no demos on the east coast and it's 2012! (Archived)
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Best e-shop game? (Archived)SSJ3_Charizard31/1/2012
Angry Birds (Archived)Omunall61/1/2012
Gamestop is so horribly deceptive when it comes to prices (Archived)
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Anyone use Cyber Clean on their 3DS? (Archived)Spike2121/1/2012
friend code exchange topic/mariokart7 and swapnote (Archived)pwingx11/1/2012
I bought my son a PS3 instead of MK7 and Skyward Sword. (Archived)
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What should I check out? (Archived)Omunall51/1/2012
i've seen a lot of good and bad feedback on the heavy fire 3DS game.. (Archived)poopooSpartan21/1/2012
3ds console collection (Archived)liquid_octagon61/1/2012
This is a crappy way to start a new year (Archived)blade11335551/1/2012
i think reggie just spends his whole day getting his body ready (Archived)poopooSpartan71/1/2012
What's crack a lacking on the 3ds? (Archived)jesse715031/1/2012
I would Love to see Nintendo bring Pokemon Trading Card Game back (Archived)stevetherican51/1/2012
Aside from RE: Revelations, the upcoming line up is looking rather thin. (Archived)
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What happens when you link your 3DS after you got the GBA gameS? (Archived)DarkShadowRage81/1/2012
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