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You know, it's going to be tough for Nintendo following the launch of the 3DS (Archived)
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Why are you people calling everyone who defends the PSP a fanboy? (Archived)
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So, is the 3DS being marketted solely as console gaming on a handheld? (Archived)TheChaospower57/15/2010
The only reason I'm even buying Kid Icarus. (Archived)AlphaWhelp107/15/2010
To be honest, I think the 3DS is ***** compared to the PSP. (Archived)GTRagnarok97/15/2010
When the 3DS is released ...this song will play around the world (Archived)DarkShadowRage47/15/2010
What 3DS game are you most looking forward to? (Archived)
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Wow it's already been a month (Archived)Jarinmack27/15/2010
I just read on Wikipedia that some start up company designed the graphics chip (Archived)Slimeknight87/15/2010
3DS will suck (Archived)frogman_29547/15/2010
It would be cool if they had special glasses so the instruction would be in 3-D (Archived)Slimeknight37/15/2010
Will my DS games be in 3-D if I play on this system? (Archived)Slimeknight57/15/2010
The 3DS's success is a given, but Sony doesn't have to worry about a thing (Archived)
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Any confirmation on the type of 3D effect were getting (Archived)mada767/15/2010
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