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I really hope they redesign the 3DS.. *blogfaqs sort of. (Archived)Xplode-511/19/2011
Nintendo seems to have made a mistake... (Archived)
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Who's the hottest Pokemon Professor? (Archived)
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3DS system update? (Archived)
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How can you view a 3DS on a TV screen? (Archived)ShadowkhNinja811/19/2011
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Nitnendo download(north america) 17th november and VC and DLC news. (Archived)
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C/D Original N64 Smash Bros. on E-shop. (Archived)toasty_toaster711/19/2011
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Your 2012 wish list (Archived)
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Cave Story 3D or Pokemon Rumble Blast? (Archived)Pezzcore26811/19/2011
So how many of you use screen protectors? (Archived)
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any more zelda games coming? (Archived)
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How did you organize your 3DS menu? (Archived)Jenesty611/19/2011
Still playing RE: the mercenaries? (Archived)
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Kid Icarus rail game? (Archived)Bleachfreak7411/19/2011