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What other MP games are in the works? (Archived)nozomi429212/17/2011
Why didn't nintendo just give free games to everybody? (Archived)
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So are the games in club Nintendo going to change on the 10th of next month? (Archived)marsgreekgod612/17/2011
just bought a pre-owned 3ds (Archived)Darkneo20712/17/2011
ambassodor question (Archived)poisonrules56212/17/2011
I'd like a confirmation on this... (Archived)Nin3DSFan512/17/2011
Shooby Shooby Do Yah, man! (Archived)Sid3wind3r12612/17/2011
FC: 1332-8096-0214 Post yours! (Archived)
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So ambassadors get nothing from Club Nintendo? (Archived)hydradragon512/17/2011
I've just bought a Zelda 3DS and the battery has 4 bars, is that normal? (Archived)
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Possible to transfer games from 3DS to 3DS (Archived)Legit2Quit312/17/2011
Will N-Gage games come to the VC? (Archived)-Jammo-1012/17/2011
Yoshi's Island GFX Glitch (Archived)
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My problem with the GBA games (Archived)
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super hotshot bowser1312/17/2011
Can you download save files for the GBA games? (Archived)RoyMaster4312/17/2011
Need MOAR FRIENDZ!!!!! (Archived)
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How many times do you have to play Find Mii 2?**spoilers** (Archived)parKb5412/17/2011
Quite a bit confused... (Archived)Gamerboy006812/17/2011
1 week till I get my 3DS! (Archived)
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To non-ambassadors, which of the GBA games would you buy? (Archived)
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