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Apparently according to IGN, playing Kid Icarus hurts your hands... (Archived)
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Whats your favourite Mario Kart so far? (Archived)
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4 3ds games for $50 (Archived)stargazer6471/13/2012
Ummmmm ... wow. (Archived)
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surprisingly Wario Ware is the most played gba game on my log (Archived)XCrossYZ41/13/2012
extra 20 peed (Archived)xoftheuniverse41/13/2012
I am in a giving mood so first come first serve!! (Archived)mattdawg8161/13/2012
So why is it you must be 18+ to watch something in Nintendo Video... (Archived)TehWolf11531/13/2012
Why hold back Virtual Console... (Archived)
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Texas Longhorn151/13/2012
Damn it feels good to be an ambassodor... for FREE. (Archived)Rizaadon00771/13/2012
3ds is it worth buying? (Archived)IzzyRX91/13/2012
Forgot to use download code from Club Nintendo last night, can I retrieve it? (Archived)Sakurafanboy31/13/2012
Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition Has 6 on 6 Fights And Online Play. (Archived)
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What's a good game to get and how is Orca of Time? (Archived)Geist61/13/2012
So what 3DSware titles have you downloaded so far??? (Archived)
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Mutant Mudds release date? (Archived)MordecaiRocks41/13/2012
You know what I think is weird about RE:R? (Archived)parKb581/13/2012
Anyone remember this game? (Archived)zerobeta391/13/2012
3DS trade in queries (Archived)bigshot200051/13/2012
Got Pilotwings Resort and Nintendogs for only $20. Good deal? (Archived)__Cam__81/13/2012
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