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Well. I Am Sending my 3DS in for repair. (Archived)Bigglesworth82771/10/2012
Hope my Club Nintendo stuff arrives this week... (Archived)m0986-871/10/2012
Cool fact that I think I've seen on this board b4 (Archived)legendarylemur51/10/2012
6 dollars left. What on Eshop is good? (Archived)Zanmato55561/10/2012
What GB and GBC games do you want(be somewhat realistic please) (Archived)
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POLL do you trust your family / friends with your 3ds ? (Archived)fungivore61/10/2012
C/D Would you like to see... (Archived)poopooSpartan71/10/2012
Any hidden gems I've missed out on? (Archived)
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Are they releasing Yoshi's Island? (Archived)TooTooP231/10/2012
sup gfamers just got a 3ds (Archived)GokeVsShaq11/10/2012
Club Nintendo... (Archived)
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a question for those with sonic generations (Archived)lightsidejedi71/10/2012
Any one want to add me? (Archived)J_Cov91/10/2012
Look for MK7, KI:U, and Swapnote Friends (Archived)
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Hypothetical question if a 3ds lite came out (Archived)
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how often does nintendo add new games to the eshop? (Archived)dudguitar75271/10/2012
Are only certain games region locked?! (Archived)Matu_Van_Ar71/10/2012
Please recommend some female-hero-starring games for 3DS. (Archived)
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It plays japanese 3DS games, right? (Archived)
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Swapnote stationary wanted (Archived)
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