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Do you think the 3DS can pass the PS2 in sales? (Archived)
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Will it actually look 3D? (Archived)
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Dear Namco: (Archived)
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With all the series revival and remakes, does Guardian heroes have a shot? (Archived)brandonshido36/29/2010
The 3DS will outsell PC's, iPhones, and Halo... COMBINED (Archived)moihmichigan106/29/2010
wat is the 3d iffect like (Archived)Crunch3476/29/2010
ITT: Amazing ideas for 3DS games(That will never happen) (Archived)
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Okay everyone like battery life.......way better than the psp (Archived)Megaman Omega96/29/2010
I thought the "3DS" in Nintendo 3DS was already taken by Autodesk 3DS Max (Archived)
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can i reserve my 3DS yet? (Archived)blood_bender36/29/2010
Worst Feature of the 3DS... (Archived)Kong_Rong106/29/2010
How would Trauma Center for the 3DS work? (Archived)TheUltimateStar76/29/2010
Probably doesn't mean much, but Bestbuy has preorders on 3DS Games (MGS, Madden) (Archived)SkimGuy36/29/2010
My Dream Metroid (Fusion Spoilers) (Archived)daodos26/29/2010