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Single player 4 swords only let you control one link? (Archived)
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Wow, I just realised I have a lot of 3DS games... lol (Archived)
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Forget FS,we need this! (Archived)David13629/28/2011
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3DS is better than Vita because Atlus support 3DS more (Archived)
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Question for importers (or people who know a lot about importing). (Archived)
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For the first time the 3D popped out at me. (Archived)Saihig109/28/2011
*wonders how many people check the e-shop every 5 minutes for 4 Swords* (Archived)
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Find I doing something wrong? (Archived)CTipple89/28/2011
Is Evil Genius cancelled ? (Archived)Edouard_keroo39/28/2011
Almost Everything good Nintendo gives us there is usually a mean catch (Archived)
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Are all dsiware games available at the 3ds e shop? (Archived)
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four swords - (Archived)Gimea79/28/2011
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wheres the mic on this thing? (Archived)
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