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Alright, so I just got one of these things. (Archived)BadDecisions812/27/2011
Zelda 3DS bundle still available? (Archived)HomeporkCantDie312/27/2011
What were all the games announced at nintendo direct? (Archived)RedMage_Nico812/27/2011
Will doing this hurt my 3DS? (Archived)kidwgm212/27/2011
Is there anything decent I can get for 1950 Club Nintendo stars? (UK) (Archived)Yorkshire_14212/27/2011
Someone confirm this for me? Kid Icarus possibly with Co-op? (Archived)brStalker912/27/2011
I'm sick of Mario Kart games (Archived)
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Your post Christmas 3DS game list (Archived)BassForever612/27/2011
Rate the above poster's 3DS game collection out of 10 (Archived)Krion64712/27/2011
what's with the slow pace on games? (Archived)Aalvi912/27/2011
Nintendo Direct eShop QR Codes (Archived)Nekoakuma312/27/2011
Whats your most ever 3DS of all time? (Archived)My_Unit1012/27/2011
How much space is on your home menu? (Archived)Nekoakuma612/27/2011
Funny Story (Archived)Refaze412/27/2011
Where is a good place to import a JP 3DS and games? (Archived)
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Need some friends.. (Archived)Da_GTA_Masta712/27/2011
So, about Virtual Console... (Archived)
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Friend me! Ham ham Letter Box fun (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
Where to find the cheapest 3DS right now? (Archived)Alias901312/27/2011
how do you change the mii shown in the friend list.. (Archived)Flootenkerp312/27/2011
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