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3DS Design as We Know it May / May-Not be Final (Archived)
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3D pictures- we know what that means (Archived)
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All that I want is a video. (Archived)
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I have been playing nothing but PSP for a couple years (Archived)jawalabang46/17/2010
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Did they announce a price? (Archived)
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so I take it the 3DS is just as powerful as Playstation 2? (Archived)
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So this is pretty much going to be a handheld gamecube with internet access (Archived)_ironmaiden86/17/2010
So how does the 3D effect look exactly? (Archived)
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I have already 3ds (Archived)Sephirothe8866/17/2010
Pirates can't use the 3DS (Archived)
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My only fears about the 3DS are... (Archived)Bombsumdodongos96/17/2010
Will all games implement the 3D effect? (Archived)GoldenAnderos86/17/2010
I'm making a prediction (Archived)zillazero66/17/2010
it's the first 3d game system! (Archived)falkner0956/17/2010
does 3D rly require alot of processing power? (Archived)Wolflord5766/17/2010
I've never been this excited about a console before (Archived)Infamously9146/17/2010
Will regular DS games play in 3D / With the Swivel Pad? (Archived)MetaKirbyFan36/17/2010
Whats with Mario Kart games always having ugly graphics? (Archived)
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