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I blame this community for the horrible out come of these GBA games. (Archived)
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I take back what I said earlier..... (Archived)Darkstorm16612/16/2011
Is it possible to share eShop downloads? (Archived)ultimalegion1012/16/2011
Selling mine. Anything I need to do prior? (Archived)gldoorii512/16/2011
Can you move ambassador status to another 3DS? (Archived)KRKou312/16/2011
i love 9 volt's mini games in Warioware for the GBA (Archived)ObtuseAngina412/16/2011
So i guess you cant purchase every GB game off of eshop (Archived)CriticStorm512/16/2011
Giant AR cards and fun 3D stuff recommendations (Archived)Xechs612/16/2011
GBA games question! (Archived)poporulez512/16/2011
Come check out our Pushmo community (Archived)Boomer_Kuwanga612/16/2011
Sushis with DOA I got a question (Archived)pipebomb_sushi_212/16/2011
How do i register my GBA games onto Club nintendo? (Archived)dragonfire1992512/16/2011
Post the best Hoilday 3DS deals here! (Archived)n0matter112/16/2011
online trouble (Archived)Tenchi UK312/16/2011
Questions for Euopean Club Nintendo users. (Archived)
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When will Nintendo release the NES games for purchase, (Archived)scigeek101312/16/2011
God Save Nintendo! (Archived)NealP612/16/2011
wheres the nes ??? (Archived)Grim__6661012/16/2011
In the morning I'm going on a trip. (Archived)
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Lousy Nintendo. (Archived)Madaggar312/16/2011
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