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So after taking your advice... (Archived)ssj_goku92191/2/2012
I know why the RE:Revelations demo or other one hasn't come to us... (Archived)
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So reggie was a lying hideous jackass about the demos, then. 2011 is gone now. (Archived)
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Do you think in the next firmware update... (Archived)paulink51/2/2012
C/D When you see the Swapnote guy with spiky hair, you think of Nick Wright (Archived)lizard8128851/2/2012
That horrible moment when you realize you forgot to do Post Play surveys for the (Archived)
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So is Club Nintendo adding new games to download on the 10th? (Archived)joshua59321051/2/2012
Swapnote needs its own board. (Archived)trizznilla71/2/2012
I have a double European Club Nintendo 3DS game code! I'm looking to trade!!! (Archived)MatrixHasYou81/2/2012
How did this happen in my Mii Plaza (Archived)Slipknot243061/2/2012
Not possible to pay in e-shop with a pre-paid visa card? (Archived)AIvinn61/2/2012
list of all non download games that have been released pleass? (Archived)gumbygumby31/2/2012
I don't normally complain about GameStop/EB Games, (Archived)elihuaran41/2/2012
I have a question (Archived)Mumblypeg71/2/2012
YEAR ONE - 3DS Activity (Archived)
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That OK Go video is up on the telethon... (Archived)robomasteralpha81/1/2012
Mighty switch force vs pushmo vs cave story?! (Archived)
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Im going to get RE Mercs... (Archived)Eric_Corona61/1/2012
I just discovered that my owner has a grandchild! (Archived)
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So today's poll says Pokemon black/white is the best portable game of 2011... (Archived)
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