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I just realised the Robin Willians ad for Zelda was on the JPN eShop also (Archived)Nekoakuma510/31/2011
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For a 10 year old 3DS or DSi XL? (Archived)
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What was the last game you played on 3DS? (Archived)
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New Animal Crossing Map (Archived)
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Whats a Slider Pad good for? (Archived)
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How is Sims 3 Pets? (Archived)
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Resident evil revelations was a must buy, but my god this trailer sells it more (Archived)
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the games are a little expensive (Archived)ouijaouija810/31/2011
Does anybody know if Resident Evil: Revelations will be bundled? (Archived)
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Got my 3DS replaced from repair. (Archived)coolguy_23410/31/2011
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