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Rate my 3ds libary(2 xmas games) (Archived)king_darks312/23/2011
Finished Ocarina of Time 3D.. Anything else worth buying yet? (Archived)
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Compare lengths of these games. (Archived)TJ1524212/23/2011
Does anyone else think Swapnote should have its own board? (Archived)Gogo726612/23/2011
DSiWare question. (Archived)Ilovepeasoup212/23/2011
Know what would make a great 3D game? (Archived)arthur8642312/23/2011
3DS (Swapnote) TOPIC~ By ME! So its different :O (Archived)
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are nintendo letter box and swap note the same thing? (Archived)IAMGIYGAS412/23/2011
Question to people who have the OoT Crystal Case. (Archived)Bigglesworth827312/23/2011
can you use curse words in swapnmote (Archived)
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3DS heating up? (Archived)Grandy12812/23/2011
Would a Wind Waker remake be possible (Archived)
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is there anything special that came with first print runs of Devil Survivor OC? (Archived)ObtuseAngina312/23/2011
How do i use coins in Swapnote? (Archived)sebetai312/23/2011
Friend code topic, wanna add some of the 3ds board regulars. (Archived)
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Great, I have unfixable air bubbles from failing at screen protectors. (Archived)Frost_shock_FTW612/23/2011
FC X-change (Archived)Cody8434312/23/2011
Play Coins need to be fixed (Archived)
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Swapnote is awesome! (Archived)Leroy160212/23/2011
Top of my d-pad is cracking (Archived)
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