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So will Kirby's Adventure have graphics like Superstar Ultra and Mass Attack? (Archived)
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does the 3d effect not feel as powerful the more you use it (Archived)
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I have to send my 3DS in for repairs. (Archived)
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I regret purchasing a 3DS... (Archived)crazyray47610/24/2011
All this time I still don't get one thing about the 3ds (Archived)Darkstorm16610/24/2011
I hope Pokemon Gray comes out today. (Archived)
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Need some suggestions, have some money to burn. (Archived)
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How long until someone gets really creative with the AR functionality? (Archived)
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3DS should have had a built-in achievement system, like the Xbox 360 (Archived)Appleframer910/24/2011
Internet browser problem (Archived)ryunow7710/24/2011
Any fun mini-games on the eshop? (Archived)monkeypahng1010/24/2011
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The 3DS (Archived)netman70410/24/2011
Is Nintendo rushing out Super Mario 3D Land? (Archived)Dark World Ruler510/24/2011
i had money saved up to buy one game but i spent it on cream savers (Archived)tremain07210/24/2011
So if NDF makes an NDF Community for MK7... (Archived)
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Why Riku's hair is short in Kingdom Hearts 3D (Archived)
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remember the 3DS topic yesterday? the one about locked desk and dad... (Archived)Pkjoan710/24/2011
If any of you have Frogger 3D and got all the achievements.... (Archived)J_Cov210/24/2011
Which Comic Book game? (Archived)CAPSAR610/24/2011