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What if Nintendo had waited for a holiday launch? Lots of hypothetical Questions (Archived)XanderCycloptic87/28/2011
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Has the price drop announcement made anyone want to buy it now? (Archived)
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Is it possible for me to return my 3DS for a full refund? (Archived)
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How would you feel if these were the next 5 games? (Archived)
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How and when can we access the free games? (Archived)XoXMegaGamerXoX27/28/2011
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why bother putting NES on the 3DS Virtual Console? i require explaination (Archived)
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Battletoads 3D (Archived)Artahn47/28/2011
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What are these 20 free games i keep reading about (Archived)Mcnugget225627/28/2011
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