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I am not upset about price droping. (Archived)
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Everyone is talking about the price drop like it's so far away. . . (Archived)Captain_Drek17/28/2011
Ambassador program? Inform me. (Archived)CrapFactory47/28/2011
Glad I bought a 3DS today =) (Archived)Shadow_of_Ninja57/28/2011
Already Purchased Ambassador Downloads (Archived)0PTICS57/28/2011
post your total time on the 3ds and the time of your top 10 games (Archived)pikachupwnage17/28/2011
Nintendo's Arrogance and the 3DS (Archived)
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I kinda wish the 3DS could change its resolution. (Archived)Kisai27/28/2011
Nintendo announces a Mario theme park! (Archived)Gavin_Rozee57/28/2011
I'd rather have... (Archived)hatemakingnames27/28/2011
The Ambassodor Programme is Really Confusing... (Archived)EpicGilgamesh57/28/2011
i wish i waited now... (Archived)xCha0s67/28/2011
Amount of memory needed for these 20 games? (Archived)DrLipids47/28/2011
I really hope Superstar Saga is one of the GBA games. (Archived)Timohtep87/28/2011
3DS isn't doing bad in sales tbqh. (Archived)Sakurafanboy57/28/2011
PSP outsells 3DS 2 to 1. (Archived)
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I like how as a bad counter to people being mad other peeps say,,, (Archived)
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Was the 3DS priced at $250 just to see how long and how many people would buy it (Archived)
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20 free games AND exclusives...not bad nintendo, not bad at all (Archived)
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So when are some good, original games coming out? (Archived)
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