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Question about 3DS (Archived)KamiKazie44312/15/2011
so anyway the POINT IS Nintendo of America is consistently silent and worthless (Archived)
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Looks at 3DS. Blue light.Spotpass!? Looks at time. They're here early! Opens 3DS (Archived)gunstarz212/15/2011
Hurt and Heal: GBA Ambassador Games Part II (Archived)
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Regarding the Nintendo 3ds show on the eshop... (Archived)paulink712/15/2011
The fact SMB3 didn't make it as an Ambassador game makes me hopeful for... (Archived)
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Join me in prayer to the Regginator (Archived)
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Any 3DS owners in Amsterdam? (Archived)sdfiqdha312/15/2011
The new Nintendo Show 3D is up. (Archived)robomasteralpha512/15/2011
"By completing this survey you will receive 0 Coins" (Archived)
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Action replay 3ds? (Archived)
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Fresh poignant topic! (Archived)Alt4llort812/15/2011
new store games? (Archived)thaininja612/15/2011
Must resist urge to scream... (Archived)phildool112/15/2011
dos mi amigo owe me dolla (Archived)YoshiBoshi3812/15/2011
Do i owe money to my friend? (Archived)
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what do i do with the sd cards during system transfer? (Archived)MetaKnightWolf512/15/2011
Looking forward to 100 percenting Yoshi's Island again. (Archived)
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Predict how much you will enjoy each ambassador GBA game (Archived)
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Anybody else having this eShop error? 005-4270 (Archived)
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