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Who's getting the Vita as well? (Archived)
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What if nintendo implemented a 3DS 24 connect like wii? (Archived)
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Is there a limit to how many friends you can add? (Archived)mr_metalhead666612/27/2011
I've been given a 3DS for Christmas. What now? (Archived)PRNOIAxPlus512/27/2011
My Mii lacks a nose. (Archived)Tomar-Re612/27/2011
Resident Evil (Archived)Saihig612/27/2011
how to delete pokedex (Archived)SUPER_DIS412/27/2011
Can you transfer VC games from wii to 3DS? (Archived)Cougar_Pride412/27/2011
im the best (Archived)
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TheatRhythm Final Fantasy keeps looking more and more awesome. :'D (Archived)
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getting a 3DS this week.. (Archived)inkatchi612/26/2011
Could a Case make a hinge looser? (Archived)Bigglesworth827712/26/2011
Is it possible to take pictures of your 3DS game screen using the game memo? (Archived)Saihig512/26/2011
Since when could you have 6 rows on the menu? (Archived)
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I just found a $25 Gift Card in my wallet (Archived)
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Sign here if you beat SwapNote and unlocked the final Nikki letter!!! (Archived)
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The Dovahkiin (Archived)
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Whats the best starter pack to get? (Archived)Shadowblade320212/26/2011
Did any of you record your Christmas in 3D? (Archived)Halo3GAMEFREAK712/26/2011
I need wi-fi help (Archived)
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