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Found out im getting a 3ds for christmas. (Archived)RiverCityRascal512/18/2011
GBA games out now (Archived)dark-falcon64412/18/2011
"Favourite Title" online profile wont let me select my new games (Archived)TokyoEAD612/18/2011
So people who bought a 3DS for $170 can't buy any of the new GBA games? (Archived)
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The 3DS is a Game Boy Advance XL (Archived)Gavin_Rozee812/18/2011
Just reached platinum status in Club Nintendo (question) (Archived)longhair92412/18/2011
Ambassador titles to come to non ambassadors? (Archived)
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Dear Nintendo (Archived)
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I'm Finding Streaks on the Top Screen Every Morning (Archived)
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So, Nintendo rewards bad decisions? (Archived)
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Questions about the four swords. (Archived)Bigglesworth827512/18/2011
Friend Codes (Archived)lilnickf612/18/2011
So something that doesnt sell like an absolute bomb is an amazing success right? (Archived)JF_Alpha1012/17/2011
Pokemo + Nobunaga's Ambition Officially Announced (Archived)Richman80912/17/2011
Layton Question (Archived)TheZuperHero712/17/2011
The Layton Series (Spoilers for: CV, DB, UF, LS, and ED inside) (Archived)nintendogger1012/17/2011
I have 600 coins... (Archived)
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Another Dreamcast game that needs a 3DS sequel (Archived)
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haha it's so true -video enclosed- (Archived)GM_612/17/2011
A few questions (Archived)coolguy_23412/17/2011
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