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Are there any GBA games that more people dislike than like? (Archived)
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Mario Kart 7 or Modnation Racers (Archived)
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Is Zelda Ocarina 3DS in Spanish? (Archived)orcus_snake212/18/2011
250 fee, Missing features, half assed online shop, no games, missing gba games (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
After playing Yoshi's Island again... (Archived)Finalchaos64412/18/2011
Question about Club Nintendo Game Code. (Archived)SaveDaQueen512/18/2011
Anybody else wanna see nintendo release games a few at a time? (Archived)Darkstorm16312/18/2011
Wii Virtual Console to 3DS (Archived)foulmouthCLOWN612/18/2011
Cave Story 3d, Samurai warriors or Splinter Cell? (Archived)
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Is the ambassador Yoshis Island the same one that was released for the DS? (Archived)gobias101912/18/2011
Why haven't I gotten more CN surveys for the GBA ambassador games? (Archived)logans_run_82412/18/2011
I'm really behind... But what about the GBA games? (Archived)Slipknot2430412/18/2011
club nintendo (Archived)sjahn86912/18/2011
List of good 3DS, 3DSware and DSiware games (Archived)
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3DS D-Pad makes wall jumps in Fusion incredibly difficult. (Archived)Fides_Invictus612/18/2011
Copy and paste (Archived)Bleachfreak7312/18/2011
What games you guys think have the best OST? (Archived)
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I want a Vanillaware game for the 3ds. (Archived)Tengu_spam412/18/2011
Anybody make any good videos yet? (Archived)Prealienking112/18/2011
Lets take a tally; Your favorite Ambassador game (Archived)
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