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3DS price drops in the US to $169.99 starting on August 12th!!! (Archived)
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$170 is a great price for 3DS! But I'm still going to wait. (Archived)TNF4Life57/28/2011
"Keep VC separate! Console games belong on CONSOLES!" (Archived)
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What does NA get in the eShop today? (Archived)LucarioLatiosDS77/28/2011
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Yay NES games on 3DS (Archived)andyp350077/28/2011
All joking aside, this is the smartest thing Nintendo can do. (Archived)
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Price drop August 12 (Archived)m0986-867/28/2011
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Anyone still not interested in a 3ds? (Archived)acdimps47/28/2011
Regarding everybodies reaction while reading the price drop announcement.. (Archived)deathsaber7937/28/2011
Guess this proves they overpriced this thing. But I'm happy. (Archived)crazybot27/28/2011
So, what's on the eShop today? (Archived)Xobter_8147/28/2011
So not to be a jerk or anything but... a question and a sly trick. (Archived)Carte360107/28/2011
Take advantage of the return policy. (Archived)Nate_Dihldorff17/28/2011
A nintendo superfans reaction: (Archived)
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How bad are the 3DS sales, really? (Archived)8509057876557297/28/2011